For some, the key is accessing sources of growth capital to launch or further develop a business. For others, access to engineering and product design capabilities, manufacturing operations, quality assurance teams, supply chain expertise, regulatory oversight and logistics support in low-cost, developing markets is the challenge. And for others, access to additional services such as human resources expertise, systems development and management consulting is needed to advance to new stages of growth.


We give small and mid-sized companies an advantage they thought was out of reach … access. And our experience leads the way.

Kyosay Global

Kyosay Global, LLC, is a U.S.-managed firm specializing in operational, engineering, manufacturing and systems solutions for our clients in North America, Europe and Asia. Managed in the U.S. with operations in Asia and Europe, Kyosay teams with clients to drive speed to market, enhanced product quality/innovation and savings through expedited product design and engineering, prototyping, supplier management and market entry as well as in-country HR and administrative services.

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What We Do

  • Growth Capital Sourcing
  • Health Care Operations & Supply Chain Consulting
  • General Management Operations & Supply Chain Consulting


  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Systems
  • Supporting Administrative Services
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Kyosay News


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